“An excellent read. It is nicely interactive and the language is very reader friendly with much on offer for the reader to take away. It is very well written.” – Krystina K.

“I really enjoyed reading your book. Reading it is like putting all the pieces of a puzzle together and realizing that everything was more simple than I thought. I couldn’t find any fault or question that wasn’t answered. For someone like me that has had only glimpses of enlightenment, I feel the need, as you suggest, of reading it over and over again, because there is a depth in your words that was impossible to get by reading it once and fast. I really hope there are many people prepared for this reading. I’m so grateful to you for sharing this treasure with me.” Martha S.

“I really like this book. It brings a lot of the non-duality world into one very readable book.” – Michael M.

“I really really enjoyed reading your book! So many learnings in every section and such a methodical approach to presenting it, so I took my time to go through it and digest/reflect on it, take notes and highlight key components (which was basically 90% of each page lol). I liked the balance of science/fact/humour/actions too—had a few chuckles along the way as I read through it! Well done—you’ve done a great job alright. 🙂 Daniel R.

“It’s well written.” – John H.

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