Want to live a beautiful life? Each of us really can dissolve troubling thoughts and emotions, and live a much more peace-filled, in-sync and satisfying life than most of us experience. We have just never been taught how!

If you are wanting to open a beautiful new chapter in your life, or are just looking to resolve some challenges and find more contentment, I have the background, education, personal qualities, and intuitive, empathic and clear-seeing abilities to help you.

You can have a session with me even if you haven’t read my book or done my online course and you want some counselling guidance and support in dissolving troubling thoughts and emotions, and in dealing with life’s challenges. In this case, it would be best if you begin by booking a one-hour session

I also offer personality readings in one-hour sessions. Learning about your Myers-Briggs personality type can help you to understand why you have been experiencing so many things in your life the way you have. It can take a lot of pressure off you and help you to understand how you can better manage your studies, work, relationships, and way of living, according to your particular tendencies and preferences for ways of perceiving and responding to life (sensing, feeling, thinking and intuition).

I offer half-hour sessions for people who have read Spiritual Awakening Made Simple, or have done my course, “9 Steps to a Beautiful Life through Spiritual Awakening”. Most people will find there are times when they feel the need of personal guidance and support. How often I wished I had the “right kind” of person I could talk with, to support me in my own process of awakening! If you feel the need of a longer session, then go ahead and book a one-hour session.

The fee for half-hour sessions is AUD 30, and for one-hour sessions it’s AUD 50 (roughly USD 22 and USD 36, respectively). Please get in touch via my Contact page to arrange a session, which we can have via Zoom, WhatsApp or similar.

Please read and agree to my disclaimer before contacting me about a session. I look forward to chatting with you.

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