Want to live a beautiful life? Each of us really can dissolve troubling thoughts and emotions, and live a much more peace-filled, connected and satisfying life than most of us experience. We have just never been taught how!

My 1-on-1 support sessions via video conference will be of interest to you, if you would like to:

  • dissolve troubling thoughts and emotions
  • increase your feeling of calm, presence and contentment
  • remove the filters that limit and distort your perceptions and interpretations of reality
  • sense and be true to who you really are beneath your conditioned operating patterns
  • unlock your intuition and creativity
  • open your life to beautiful new possibilities and opportunities.

The 30-minute sessions are supportive, educational and awareness-awakening interactions, particularly intended for people who have read Spiritual Awakening Made Simple. Of course, if you feel the need of a longer session, then go ahead and book a 50-minute session. Most people will find there are times when they feel the need of personal guidance and support. How often I wished I had someone I could talk with, to support me in my own process of awakening! That’s why I offer these support sessions.

You can book a session with me, even if you haven’t read my book, and you just want some guidance and support in dissolving troubling thoughts and emotions, and in dealing with life’s challenges. In this case, it may be best if you begin by booking a 50-minute session.

The fee for 30-minute sessions (or a few minutes less, to allow for changeover) is AUD 75, and for 50-minute sessions it’s AUD 120 (roughly USD 53 and USD 83). Clicking on one of the booking links below will enable you to select a time and pay with PayPal. It will also generate a meeting booking via Zoom. Please read and agree to my disclaimer before completing your booking. I look forward to chatting with you.

Schedule 30 min with me
Schedule 50 min with me

PS. If you would like to purchase a package of 5 or more sessions, they will be at 15% discount to make on-going support more affordable. If you purchase 10 or more, they will be at 25% discount. Please contact me for details, but I do suggest you have a single session first.

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