Sonia Iris Lozada interviewed me on her podcast Poetic Resurrection: Exploring Perceptions (September, 2021). Listen here.

Marie Mohler interviewed me on Whole Soul Mastery podcast (October, 2020). Three short excerpts are on my YouTube channel: You Don’t HAVE a Higher Self. You ARE It! here; What is SACRED? The Beautiful Truth of YOU, here; and The Truth and Beauty of Life Are Simple to Realize (we’ve just never been taught how), here. You can watch the full interview here on Marie’s YouTube channel.

Danny Rongo interviewed me on his Oneness podcast (October, 2020). A short segment is on my YouTube channel: The KEY to Personal PEACE and a SANE World: Question Your Thoughts, here.

Kerri Hummingbird interviewed me on Soul Nectar Show (September, 2020). An excerpt is on my YouTube channel: Spirituality Has NOTHING to Do with Being “GOOD” or Following Rules, here. You can watch the full interview here on Kerri’s YouTube channel.

Paul Samuel Dolman interviewed me on What Matters Most podcast (September, 2020). This interview is on my YouTube channel, divided into seven parts. Part 1: A Spiritual Perspective on COVID? Part 2: A Loving Universe? Part 3: Words can’t capture, only POINT to the REALITY of you and life. Part 4: The Pre-Awakened Andrew? Part 5: Tools for Awakening? Part 6: How Does Motivation Change with Awakening? Part 7: Transcending the Personal.

April Hannah interviewed me on Path 11 podcast (August, 2020). Listen here.

Adam Torres interviewed me on Mission Matters Business podcast (August, 2020). Listen here on my YouTube channel.

Ryan McCormick interviewed me on The Outer Limits of Inner Truth podcast (August, 2020).

Ed Watters interviewed me on Dead America podcast (August, 2020). This interview is on my YouTube channel, divided into six parts. Part 1: My Search for PEACE and What is REAL. Part 2: Who Are You, REALLY? (Hint: It’s Not Who You THINK). Part 3: Your thoughts are NOT TRUE and NOT YOU. Part 4: Elaborate Teachings & Practices Will Not Lead You to the True Self. Part 5: Psychic Perceptions Are Not SPIRITUAL Awakening. Part 6: You Don’t Need a MediatorYou Are the SELF.

Catherine Wilde interviewed me on Soul Care Mom podcast (July, 2020). Listen here.

Dr Amy Robbins interviewed me on Life, Death and the Space Between podcast (July, 2020). Listen here on my YouTube channel.

Aaron Gendle interviewed me on Daily Authors Podcast (July, 2020).

Samantha Hobbs and Devon Blythe interviewed me on Woke AF podcast (July, 2020). Listen here.

Dr Elizabeth Cronin interviewed me on the New Books in Spiritual Practice and Mindfulness podcast of the New Books Network (July, 2020). Listen here.

Mitch Lagadin interviewed me on Slow Down, Man podcast (July, 2020).

Savia Rocks interviewed me on Us People podcast (July, 2020).


Thanks to those who joined me online for the official launch of Spiritual Awakening Made Simple, hosted via Zoom by Avid Reader, a Brisbane bookstore specializing in new, quality books. I spoke a bit about the book and how I came to write it, I read a few extracts, and there was some most enjoyable Q&A. You can watch the recorded launch event here on my YouTube channel, or on Avid Reader’s YouTube channel.


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