“Great course!” — Rollo D.

“I learned a lot from you. I think many people will need your help.” — Nagomi F.

“The book is engaging and relevant.” — Robyn A.

“This (online course) was perfect for me just exactly when I needed it. Thank you so much. I really enjoyed the use of philosophy.” — Karen M.

“You do such an amazing job of bringing us back to the Truth of the essence inside, but you also have some amazing tools in all of that. It’s masterful. I just want to say thank you. I celebrate the work, the joy of what you have brought through for people.” — Marie M.

“Andrew’s Udemy course is fantastic! I had so many aha moments along the way. The course helped me to tune in to the wisdom within. Throughout the course, Andrew guides you through mindset shifts and gives you the experiential tools needed to help you move from your mind and into your body. I’m so thankful to have this resource to come back to again and again. I highly recommend it to anyone ready to experience the peace that accompanies rediscovering your true Self and living a beautiful life through spiritual awakening.” — Catherine W.

“Fabulous job by you. You obviously are a natural teacher. I love the book and I highly recommend it. It was real easy and accessible. Talk about a timely piece for a timely time!” — Paul D.

“I was captivated from the very first page. I love the book. Congratulations! Your book is truly a great work.” — Dan R.

“Thanks so much for your wonderful book!” — Sue H.

Spiritual Awakening Made Simple is a wonderful book, that really does kind of break everything down.” — Amy R.

Spiritual Awakening Made Simple was so practical and extremely helpful. Thank you for making it simple.” — April H.

Spiritual Awakening Made Simple is a wonderful book, a great book. There’s a lot going on in this book. It’s full of insight. I highly recommend it. An awesome book.” — Ed W.

“Thanks for sharing your incredible book.” — Aaron G.

“I highly recommend your book. I thank you so much for sharing your powerful work and your story and all of your wisdom.” — Catherine W.

“It is an inspiration, and I hope that people are able to go out and get a copy of your book. I think it will touch a lot of people, and I appreciate that you got to a point where you were able to write this book. It’s a wonderful contribution.” — Elizabeth C.

“Awesome! Thank you so much. You have so much insight and awareness.” — D. B.

“Congratulations on an excellent book. You have written a very good guide to awakening—really making it simple as was your aim.” — Marianne R.

“You’ve got a lot to offer other people. You are a gateway of knowledge. Your message, your words, they’re going to illuminate others. You are an illuminator, and the world is going to be a better place for it.” — Naomi R.

“There are so many gems in Spiritual Awakening Made Simple! I hope that everyone reads it. It can be really powerful. Thank you for sharing it.” — Samantha H.

“Sweet.” — Mike J.

“You are the messenger. You are going to help a lot of people.” — Greg S.

“Spirituality is the innate ability to connect—to connect with others, with our environment, with the creatures of our environment, with the transcendent Mystery… And, spirituality, for me, is the ability to connect to our true self. I believe your book can help us do that, so I commend your work and labor of love.” — John G.

“This book is well written.” — John H.

Being relatively new to the concept of spiritual awakening and overwhelmed by the number of books available on the topic, I was excited, although somewhat sceptical, that this book would be able to simplify the concept for me and provide clear guidance as the title ‘Spiritual Awakening Made Simple’ suggests. However, that scepticism soon subsided. Each section of the book incorporates a good balance of science, fact, personal anecdote and humour to present a point, which is then supported by simple actions to help your spiritual awakening. Whether you’re new to exploring spiritual awakening, or you’re well on your way, I’d suggest this book is well worth having a read of as it helps simplify the ‘noise’ out there into one easy-to-read book. I’ve already read it numerous times, and I’ll continue to do so well into the future as the learnings are plentiful and multi-layered.— Daniel R.

“I really like this book. It brings a lot of the non-duality world into one very readable book.” — Michael M.

“I really enjoyed reading your book. Reading it is like putting all the pieces of a puzzle together and realizing that everything was more simple than I thought. I couldn’t find any fault or question that wasn’t answered. For someone like me that has had only glimpses of enlightenment, I feel the need, as you suggest, of reading it over and over again, because there is a depth in your words that was impossible to get by reading it once and fast. I really hope there are many people prepared for this reading. I’m so grateful to you for sharing this treasure with me.” — Martha S.

“You are like a sage. You have so much wisdom.” — J. S.

“An excellent read. It is nicely interactive and the language is very reader friendly with much on offer for the reader to take away. It is very well written.” — Krystina K.

“You are what the world needs. You truly have a genuine heart and so much knowledge and wisdom to help others find themselves.” — Amy B.

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