Spiritual Awakening Made Simple  
Some Comments About the Book

"An excellent read... It is nicely interactive and the language is very reader friendly with much on offer for the reader to take away."
Krystina Kellingley (Author)

"I really like this book. (It brings) ...a lot of the non-duality world into one very readable book."
Michael Mann

"I really enjoyed reading your book... (R)eading it is like putting all the pieces of a puzzle together and realizing that everything was more simple than I thought... I couldn't find any fault or question that wasn't answered... For someone like me that has had only glimpses of enlightenment, I feel the need, as you suggest, of reading it over and over again, because there is a depth in your words that was impossible to get by reading it once and fast. I really hope there are many people prepared for this reading... I'm so grateful to you for sharing this treasure with me."
M. Sanchez

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