Spiritual Awakening Made Simple  

Hello. My name is Andrew Seaton.

For more than four decades, I delved deeply into educational philosophy and psychology; old wisdom and new science; reports of higher consciousness; and a wide range of personal development, holistic wellness and spiritual awareness practices. I have had lots of different jobs, but my working background is mostly in education. I have had many different roles in that field, mostly relating to education of the whole person.

Eventually, I came to see that in our world we are generally making some deeply flawed assumptions about knowledge and human nature. In 2006, I resigned from a two-year stint in academia in order to focus on unlearning my education and other conditioning, and on awakening the fuller functioning that I had come to see so clearly is possible and desirable.

I have recently experienced major changes in my consciousness and way of being in the world. Throughout 2017 and 2018, I was very focused on living the insights and practices I describe in my forthcoming book Spiritual Awakening Made Simple, which is due for release at the end of July, 2020. During 2018, life had me in a period of relative retreat from the world, and I experienced a flood of dreams about my spiritual awakening and about soon assisting others with awakening. That year, I recorded more than four hundred such dreams. In September of 2018, my spiritual awakening began in earnest, with a beautiful dream followed by energy flows through my body.

I am continuing to live a quiet life, focused on the practical insights into spiritual awakening that I describe in the book and preparing to share these with others.

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